Overheard: Blakroc – Ain’t Nothing Like You

10 May

The Black Keys are one of my favorite groups. Period. They can do no wrong. Song has a clear slipped chord in the recording? Legit. They refuse to interact with the audience at a concert? Fuck it, the music is why I came. Waiting 20 minutes for an encore? That one actually pissed me off a bit, but Dan and Patrick made up for it…

So when this track came on my buddy’s stereo last week, I thought it must be a remix of some BK song. Turns out I was wrong – it’s a collab album that I had never heard of from back in 2009. And I can’t believe its taken me three years to find it.

‘Ain’t Nothing Like You’ is bourbon in a glass – smokey, harsh, raw, burning and aged just right. Dan and Pat throw down the instrumentals and lalala-ing backdrop while Mos Def (yesssssss) and Jim Jones drawl on the tune. This is terrace with a cigar soundtrack. And on that note I think I’ll take my own advice.

– Womack


And here’s a bonus video of Esquire’s Mila Kunis photoshoot making excellent use of some Blakroc magic.


Podworthy: RAC – Hollywood (feat. Penguin Prison)

9 May

Sometimes, it’s nice to shut down the synth machine and vibe to some good old guitar/vocal tracks. Ironically, RAC is much better known for their remixes than their original work, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore ’em when they start feeling creative.

‘Hollywood’ is a pop-ed out piece with a simple and catchy riff, a wandering bassline and real lovely vocals from Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover. Instead of trying to overload your senses, RAC manages to keep the track sounding almost minimalistic. It’s not too hot, and not too cold – like a warm day with the perfect amount of breeze.

– Womack

Podworthy: The Knocks – Learn to Fly

9 May

Today I rolled out of bed, weak sunlight filtering through the windows, with no energy or urge to do anything but climb back under the blankets and snooze the day away. Instead I cranked the volume and slammed ‘Learn to Fly’ through the speakers. Instant gratification.

The New York duo The Knocks have released some other material including remixes/reworks of Dragonette and M83. While I’m still on the fence about these tracks, ‘Learn to Fly’ is just pure, bouncing fun. High flying synths and distorted soaring vocals are front and center and make this song a summer classic. It’s happiness compressed into MP3, it is sunshine in a bottle, it is one analogy too many. Peace.

(Like the group on Facebook to get a free dl of the track.)

– Womack

Podworthy: Sharam (BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix)

7 May

In the spirit of giving you massive quantities of quality, I’ll double down on hour+ mixes today.

I’ve already introduced you to the magic that is the Essential Mix (in case you missed it: Podworthy: Above & Beyond BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix of the Year 2011.) Well, now I’m posting one from back in 2009 which is heralded (possibly) as one of the best essential mixes of all time.

In the man’s own words, this isn’t so much a track as a musical journey. Don’t expect any major drops, fist pumping or spontaneous flash mobs to form when you throw this one on. However, you can expect to be magically transported to a place where worldly concerns matter less, a place where you just can’t muster up the energy to hate everyone in line at the grocer who is preventing you from going home and sitting at the barbeque on a summer day. Word.

– Womack

Overheard: Chromatics

7 May

Honey, I’m home.

So after an unexpectedly extended leave of absence from BTB, I’m back with a treasure trove of music for you.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to this spot called Sparrow. Beyond having bartenders who know how to mix killer cocktails, they have a massive couch. Barroom lounging? Yes please.

So when I went there to catch up with a friend, it must’ve been aggravating when I kept jumping up every 10 minutes to figure out what was playing on the sound system. The best discovery out of the entire lot was Chromatics’ ‘These Streets Will Never Look The Same’. This led me to their newest album ‘Kill For Love’ which has been a little piece of nostalgia heaven.

The album is disco, noir, and heavy. It also manages to use as many instruments as Liberace used costumes. It’s big and beautiful and makes the night drift by.

– Womack

Overheard: Modest Mouse – Float On (Instrumental)

27 Apr

I apologize for the teeny tiny post, but I’m under the weather and am greatly enjoying the comforts of not moving out of bed. Since my computer and stereo are at the other side of the room, this means I’m fully calling a mulligan/sick day. I’ll make up for it this weekend.

Nonetheless, you all deserve some musical diversion, so check out this feel good, guitar driven jam from back in 2004. More a fan of the instrumental version than the original, cause the vocals kind’ve grate on me. Pretty sure Lupe grabbed this beat for one of his tunes. Heard this one at the pharmacy (yeeeaaaaa!) – so I guess there are some silver linings.

– Womack

Podworthy: Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist III (and some others)

26 Apr

First heard about Lupe when his second album, The Cool, had just dropped (‘Little Weapon’ and ‘Hip-hop Saved My Life’ are spectacular). He dropped off the map slightly while putting together Lasers (another stunner) but kept the fans drooling with free one-off tracks. Here’s a sample of some of my favorites.

American Terrorist III came out late last year, and hits all of the buttons Fiasco loves to push: war, rebellion, struggle for good, and sick flows. Rapping over Kavinsky’s ‘Night Call’ from Drive (woohoo, ridiculously excessive and copious amounts of unexpectedly graphic violence), he spins a tale of an ex-marine pushed to fight against the system. And did I mention it sounds sick?


A little less on the Big Brother/Matrix/V for Vendetta side, ‘Stereo Sun’ is just a solid vibe track. Electro, high-energy background and bass production strums this one along while Lupe keeps the rapping more cutting and quick. Disappointed when this track didn’t make it on to Lasers, but if this is the quality of his “rejects”, imagine the LP.


And last up, we got Super Lupe Rap ‘SLR’. This one loves being discordant – the backbeat is overwhelming, the rap is relentless and his rhymes are slick: “I benchpress elephants and bowling ball juggle.” He’s also a cocky m*ther, but hey, it’s part of the charm (a little SLR primer: Lupe-fiasco-slr-super-lupe-rap-lyrics#note-277982)


– Womack

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